Note: Yukon Yellow, Brunswick Blue, and Poppy Red were only offered for the convertible.

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Original factory colors for the 1964 convertible;

Black, Pearl White, Sea Blue, Ruby Red, Anthracite, Java Green, Bahama Blue, Panama Beige, Yukon Yellow, Brunswick Blue or Poppy Red

Original Convertible MSRP, approx. $2100



What's New? 9/17/16

Bendix Sapphire I, Radio conversion. 

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9/18/16:I showed my car in a local show today in support of our Veterans. They started the show with honor guards, bagpipes, and the national anthem. Impressive. All the proceeds of the event went to our local Veterans chapter - one of the most worthy causes on the planet! (So, I will not complain that I got completely overlooked in my category.) It was a terribly hot but very enjoyable day. Not only did I clean up in the raffle, but I also won the 50/50! Fun. 

It was about 100F and my car was running right at 210F (oil temp) on the freeway. Yay!


1964 VW Production Numbers:

10,355 VW Bug Convertibles                                                           948,370 VW Bug Hardtops

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1964 Volkswagen Karmann Cabriolet