Some of the pictures above are:   my 1970 with an old friend's clean 1967, a shot from a show near Seattle back in the 80's (I lived in the Pacific Northwest prior to moving to California), another profile shot, and at a show in Portland, OR with my best friend's 1962 Baja - man that car was quick!  We had some serious fun with those two cars!

What a great car this was!  (1970 Cal look) It really brings back good memories. I had the best time with it, and took it everywhere.  I raced it a couple times, showed it a few times, but mostly just had fun driving it.  Notice the diamond tuck interior?  That really dates it, doesn't it.  Yeah, it was the early to mid 80's.  : )  

Since the 'vert has been done I've been thinking about another project. I came extremely close to buying a split window bus. I had many leads, but for one reason or another, they just never worked out. I seriously considered buying a Porsche 550 Spyder replica, but decided a four seater would be better so the family could enjoy it with me. My heart has always been with the VW, but I'm not getting any younger and wanted to explore another interest. In the back of my mind I've always wanted an old American classic or hot rod. Well, an opportunity presented itself, and I purchased a 1956 Chevy Bel Air Sport Coupe - a real American classic.

I hope I don't alienate any of my die-hard VW friends by owning an old Chevy.  I am simply excited to learn about something new. The car is mostly original...with exception to:  the different paint scheme (originally turquiose and white), the wheels, and a 350 with a 4 speed.  It needs a little TLC, but all the parts are there and it's in decent shape (bought it and drove it about 80 miles home - it is fun to drive).

VW's I've Owned


1957 Oval Window Ragtop

1964 Karmann Cabriolet

1965 All Original Bug

1968 Bug Parts Car

1970 Cal Look 

1972 Safare Camper Bus

To the right is a picture of a 1965 that I had.  It doesn't really "fit" on this page, but there's no where else to put it. This car was bone stock.  It looked OK on the outside, but the inside was cherry.  I never did much with this one... didn't have time.  When I owned this, I was going to college and working full time.  It was my everyday transportation.  At this point, I still owned the 1970, but wanted something to drive that didn't require as much care and maintenance.  I ended up driving this one half way across country and back prior to getting my career going - during the Summer!  Wow was it hot!  The darn thing would vapor lock on me almost every time I stopped somewhere, so I'd just leave it running while I ate, or gassed up, or whatever. I had gone through the motor before my trip, so, besides that vapor locking, she was running great.(I remember it getting a couple weird looks - sitting there all by itself in the parking lot of a diner - running.  I'd always keep an eye on it through a window.)   I sold it in the early 90's... shouldn't have...