This first picture is another shot of the rear area after the top had been removed.  Among the things that I found while cleaning up back there were some old screws, nails, rotted padding, and a rock.  I wonder how long that had been there?

The next picture is a shot of the interior after removing all the carpet, the passenger seat, and of course the top.  (I yanked the seat cover off of the passenger seat, and found the original seat color - soft beige.)  The pan had been replaced sometime ago, so, except for some surface rust on the bottom, it is in good shape.  Also, see all the orange, rust-looking stuff?  What that is, is 99% glue - stuck to the car after removing the carpet.  But, the orange stuff towards the rear of the car, like in the first picture, IS mostly rust...hopefully only surface rust.


Step three is basically just removing everything for prep and paint... starting with the top.

It was much easier to remove than I thought it would be.  (I will soon be posting a page specifically about working on the top...removing, rebuilding, installing.)  As this was my first time removing a convertible top, I was a bit surprised how much wood was used.  The hinge covers, the rear tack strip, the front bow...I believe there are a couple more wooden pieces in there somewhere.  It does not seem like a logical material to incorporate into a convertible top, but having said that, some of the pieces are still in OK shape - after 38 years.

The first two pictures show that, although ratty looking, the top is in pretty good mechanical condition.  It goes up and down fine, latches properly, and seems to have all the parts.

The third picture shows the area behind the back seat...nasty.

Check out the fourth picture above.  These pieces were not in good shape.  I don't know for sure, but can only assume that the original rear tack strip was one piece - bowed.  After removing my top, I found 5 pieces back there - kind of shoddy and rotten.  I would swear that a couple of them had been had carved out of 2x4's or something.

Getting closer every day ...

Above are some pictures of more of the car to this point... Although I am excited about being closer to painting, I am also getting that sickening feeling again.  What the hell am I doing here?  

Anyway, I have also removed the windshield, the front door windows and vent windows, the rear view mirror and sun visors, the chrome molding on top of the doors and quarter panels, all the rubber around the area, the door handles, the running boards, the exterior chrome trim, and anything else that I don't want blasted or painted.  One note about the windows:  All the regulators are in good working condition... especially after I oiled them... nice and smooth!

So far this car has come apart quite easily.  I am labeling and separating all the parts as they come off, and making notes where I think I need them.  I am also continuing to purchase replacement parts as necessary.  I am confident that it will go back together just as easily.... we'll see.

I'm now attacking those areas on the car that I always knew needed work before paint, but have saved them for last because I considered them "easy-to-fix".  Easy or not, they still take some time.  Below are some them.

These are just a couple shots of the front area.  The one on the left shows the end result after welding.  My weld line is somewhere between the two holes.  The one on the right is a slightly different view, including the top of the clip(just below where the gas tank goes) that I have fixed, smoothed out, and shot with some primer.  (There used to be that after-market metal clip there - another one to hold the gas tank in - but not needed on a '64.) 

Note:  those speaker holes that I had fixed... I have spent a few more hours going over them some more.  I am still not 100% satisfied with the finish, but I am very close now.