Full flow case, heavy duty oil pump

   69mm counterweighted 8 dowelled crankshaft.
   90.5mm pistons
   041 heads
   Swivel feet on the rockers (set at .006")
   Engle 120 camshaft
   SVDA distributor

   Bosch blue coil
   Dual valve springs
   Lightened flywheel
   New clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing
   Setrab external oil cooler,

        with manually activated fan

   Oil temperature sending unit built

        into the dipstick (to interior gauge)
   Single, BOCAR 34 PICT 3 Carburetor
   Vintage Speed exhaust system

   Cooling tin present,

   special cooling tin installed in place of the heater boxes

   36 hp-style off-set dog house shroud with a 35mm welded fan.


The Motor

Please visit "The Paint" page for

a detailed description.

Everything was removed from the car

to facilitate a factory-type paint job.

The color is L87 - Pearl White. 

And, yes, it is one of the original color

choices for this year/model. (this exact

car was originally Yukon Yellow, but I

just didn't care for the color enough

to build the car around it.)


More Pics

The wheels


*Professionally rebuilt during the restoration. It's got less than 900 miles on it since the rebuild in 2005! Because it has been sitting a lot, I've changed the oil many times to keep it fresh. The battery was new last year and has a quick-disconnect lever for the non-driving periods.

The Exterior

The Interior


For Sale

There aren't many flaws in this car, but I wanted to point them out. I believe in being completely honest about selling ANYTHING, but especially an old car. The buyer should have as much information as possible before considering making the purchase!!!

   External oil filter (Fram PH8A)

   w/ steel braided lines

The carpet is the same as the interior - it's german square weave.

I have an aftermarket dashboard wiring cover with an old Bus Volkswagen logo on the left, and the ORIGINAL Karmann badge on the right.

The spare tire is also an original 5-lugbolt wheel with a modern lower profile 135/15.

The gas tank is new, like old stock, with the ORIGINAL gas cap that I painted the same time the car was painted. It matches the exterior paint perfectly. The tank has a new float and sending mechanism to the fuel gauge, which works, and has the correct "TANK" faceplate label.

The windshield washer reservoir is present, but is not hooked up to either the spare tire or the "little monster" that shoots the cleaning solution on the windshield. It is just sitting there in its place empty.

The hood hinges and springs were professionally painted with the rest of the car, and there is no flaking.

The pull-latch that pops the hood is ORIGINAL. It's the type with a locking mechanism, so the trunk can be locked if you're away from the car and the top is down. I have the key and the key/lock both work.

The wiring harness is (was) brand new. I think I bought it from Wolfsburg West, although I don't remember. But, it's great quality, and everything works! Even the "top-down" switch, the radio light, the license plate light, and the interior dome light.

Some Flaws

The undercarriage is unremarkable. I didn't "restore" anything down there because it didn't need it. I just made sure everything was functional, and shot the pan and fender wells with undercoating. The pans had been replaced before I bought it. They are in great shape - solid, with no holes or rust. So, although this car shows very well on top, it's not a car you're going to put mirrors underneath at car shows. You can actually drive it and not worry about polishing the bottom when you get back home!

The frame rails (unique to the convertibles) are also solid. A lot of times, these are rusted and rotted out. It doesn't look like they've ever been replaced, but I don't know for sure. Regardless, they're all good.

The Trunk

Original 5 "lugbolt" VW wheels.

I went with a two-tone design to accent the

exterior paint and the tan top. I had the tan

color mixed special to match a piece of the canvas fabric from the top.

The hubcaps are not original. However, they are GERMAN, original quality. They are thick, fit perfectly, and have a brilliant chrome finish. Oh, they were expensive, too. Wolfsburg West is selling them now for $125.00 EACH!! Yikes.

The undersides of the fenders have all been shot with an undercoating material, as has the bottom of the floor pan.

I did the front brakes during the restoration, and the rear brakes just last year. They all work fine (E brake, too). All new pads, cylinders, and bleeding pegs.



The Paint

I finished the restoration in 2005. The car has less than 900 miles on it since then.​ (I put a new speedometer/odometer in it when I restored it and it was set at ZERO.) You've heard of the term "Trailer Queen?" Well, this car is a Garage Queen. She's been inside, under cover, for the last 12 years. Yes, I drive it. I take it out on nice days and to an occasional show. It's never been on a significant road trip. I have no reason to think there would be any problem on a long trip - just stating the fact I've never done it. I've been reluctant to do so only for fear of chipping the paint. 

The electric system has been converted to 12 volt, and the interior and top color schemes are not stock. Therefore, you could NOT enter this into a VW car show in the stock class. Technically, it's "custom" because it's not COMPLETELY original stock. (I thought I would mention that in case the buyer has that in mind.) My intent was to have a stock look, with more style and functionality.

The transmission, as far as I can tell, is original to the car. It shifts smoothly, but will sometimes pop out of reverse if you are backing it uphill and you take your hand off the shifter. It has done this the entire time I've owned it, so it's not like something is failing. It's probably just a well-used reverse spline. Again, it usually happens when you are backing uphill, and then still doesn't happen every time.

****** If you are still reading, you must be interested. :) Thanks for your interest! Please email first. Then, we can talk on the phone if you're serious.

First, please understand I do not NEED to sell this car. Besides waiting for the right offer, I want her to go to a good home. I'm hoping the new owner will have the excitement and enthusiasm to keep it in this condition ... or even make it better! So, I may not sell her to the first offer if the circumstances aren't right.

Second, please don't waste my time, and I won't waste yours. I've been around the block a few times, and I can smell a tire kicker a mile away. I'd like to think I am a genuinely kind person, but don't mistake kindness for weakness. I've been honest about its condition, so I expect honesty in return. **NO TRADES**   **NO SCAMS**   **NO INTERNATIONAL SALES** If you're honest and respectful, we'll get along great.

Last, because this is a fair amount of money, I will have a sales contract and bill of sale for us both to sign. And, old cars don't come with warranties. This one doesn't either. After the deal is done, she's all yours for better or worse. **SALE IS FINAL** Cash or cashier's check. We will drive to the bank together. 

On a lighter note ... this car turns heads and gets a LOT of attention. She's won several trophies, and is a real pleasure to own!!! The interior even smells nice. : ) Included in the deal will be 1 extra wide whitewall tire exactly like the kind on the car, one owner's manual, the boot for the top, and a few small boxes of misc parts - some used, some new. **If you're interested in owning and continuing this website, we can talk about it.


Please go through the rest of the Site before you ask any questions.

Thank you!

*You will find an obligatory drop or two of oil underneath the engine sometimes. But, that's about it for leaks. 

** See the two videos below for complete walk-around of the car. **


I do have the "boot" to put over the convertible top when it's down, but honestly it doesn't fit very well so I never use it. It is high quality canvas material like the top.

The SIDE glass is all ORIGINAL with the ORIGINAL frames. The windows were in pretty good shape as they were. I just cleaned them up a bit. So, if you look closely at the side windows (including the functioning wing windows), you can see their age. I think it's kinda cool.

The windshield is custom made, double-glass, and tinted ever so slightly. The rear window says VW-Audi. I have no idea if it's original or what year it might have been made. I just know it's the correct size for this year and there's nothing wrong with it.

The decklid is ORIGINAL for this car. I challenge you to find another one like it. It has the correct vents for the convertible, and has become nearly as hard to find (and as expensive) as the "W" lids are. The decklid handle is also original. I have it tied to itself on the inside so the "hook" won't latch to the car and scratch my paint! That's how careful I have been with this car. (Since it's been painted, it has never been latched.) The decklid spring is in place, is also painted to match the car, and will hold the lid up when opened as designed - no need for the classic "VW Stick" to hold the lid open (although I still do that at shows in case some jackass bumps it.)

The front and rear bumpers are NOT original. They were both purchased from Wolfsburg West (you know the ones they sell for $400 bucks each?) and are SUPER quality like the originals. 

The front left fender is ORIGINAL. The front right fender is LIKE original, thick GERMAN metal, fits perfectly (price was $250 I think in 2005 ... but good luck finding these today!). Both rear fenders are aftermarket - I couldn't find any GERMAN or MEXICAN NOS. Of course, they didn't fit right. But, I had them professional modified to fit properly (cut and welded) before the car was painted - cost me more than the fenders did!

The mud flaps are aftermarket. I think you can still buy them online? I made custom brackets to hang them and coated the brackets with undercoating material. The RIGHT mud flap has a burn depression in it, though. I was loading the car onto a trailer one time at a show, and it melted on the old exhaust system I had. I never replaced it. It isn't readily visible.

Running boards are Wolfsburg West. Super quality and correct for this car. Fender beading all fits well. All exterior (and interior) lights work. All new window, door, trunk, and decklid rubber. (that stuff isn't cheap either!)

The front turn signals are CLEAR. This is one of the reasons I sometimes refer to this car as a 1963 1/2, rather than a '64. 1963's were clear, 1964's were not. Also true to 1963 (and this car) is the passenger's door handle. It does NOT have an exterior lock - no place to insert a key. It's just a chrome button. The driver's side has the key lock, which works.

I recently removed the old crappy merged exhaust system I had, and replaced it with a complete Vintage Speed system. If you haven't heard of them before, I recommend you Google it. They are made in Taiwan, but are super good quality modern-type exhaust systems that are engineered to fit our old, stock VWs. They're made of all stainless steel and sound great. Also NOT cheap.

Please visit "The Top/The Top 2" pages for

a detailed description.

Just like everything else on this car,

I used high quality parts.

Real wood, brass screws to prevent

rust, and a good canvas top.

The frame was sandblasted, primed,

and repainted. 

All the seals have been either replaced

or cleaned up like new. *The only seals

that don't fit very well are the seals on 

the frame that close on top of the rear

windows. Because of this, I resorted to

modern weatherstipping to seal the gaps.

The top

Please visit "The Interior" page for

a detailed description.

German square weave carpet.

Professionally made door panels and 

seat covers by Sewfine. I picked the colors myself to match the paint.

Restored ORIGINAL steering wheel with a

functioning horn and turn signal lever.

ORIGINAL Bendix Sapphire I radio that

has been converted to 12 volt, and

modified to run AM, FM, and

aux-in for iPods and such. The speaker

is not original, but it is "like" original

in size and placement - it's mono with some static, just like the old days. :) 

Headliner and all other interior top

pieces were purchased through

Chuck's Convertibles. High quality stuff.

Some ORIGINAL re-chromed dash parts, 

others new.

I've been thinking about this for quite a while ... I think it's time to sell my baby. I want 

somebody else to enjoy her, and I want to get myself something different (another old car)​.

** PLEASE go through THIS PAGE, and then the ENTIRE site before asking any questions **

Below are some random pictures,

along with some basic information about the car.