And, I've have others that I will add as I have time ...

This book below is another one my wife found...I haven't ever seen one of these before. It is a book comprised of mostly original cartoons and anecdotes about the VW bug. The inside cover page says "Compliments of your VW dealer". Date stamped 1967.

The next three are scans from "The Origin and Evolution of the VW Beetle" - printed in 1985.
This is one of three old books my wife recently found in an old box. I didn't even realize I had them. This book in particular is one of the best VW books I have ever seen. It has tons of OLD pictures and information. I checked - it is still available. I would highly recommend it to those of you interested in the evolution and history of the bug!

VW Literature

Here are a few samples of my small VW literature collection...