Fun With Wiring

I finished up all the wiring connections, except for the radio. I need to find a voltage drop/resister so the 12v system doesn't fry it. I am really curious - don't even know if it works. Anyway, I hooked up a good battery, and everything seems to be! Lights, blinkers, wipers, dash lights, brake lights, etc. (Heavy sigh of relief). The pictures above are with the parking lights on. 

I bought a voltage drop, a single 4" speaker, and an antenna. After everything was hooked up, I clicked the radio on and it actually worked! The only station that would come in good was an oldies station...kind of appropriate, I guess. I wasn't sure that the radio was going to work at all, so that was a nice surprise. If you look closely at the picture, you can see the custom mounts I made for the speaker (because it's not original)...little plastic spacers and tiny little brackets (on the right side) It's a brand new Pyle brand speaker that I found at JC Whitney's. I think it was the cheapest one they sell - but you don't need much quality for AM mono...sounds fine. Sitting on top of the ashtray box is the voltage drop, and those orange wires host an in-line fuse to the radio.

So, now the only thing left is to install the voltage drop for the wiper motor. Right now, I've got them hooked up without one...they go fast. I had started that project today, but didn't finish - hence the one stupid wire nut shown in the picture. You can also see, I started to install the weather seal rubber for the the sides done, but the top is just laying there.

Installing a new harness is one of those jobs that you need to attack in steps. Otherwise, it's just too much...for me anyway. I bought a thin, heavy-duty rope for the pull through operation. I used electrician's tape to secure the rope to the front of the loom, then pulled it out from the back of the car. That went fairly smoothly. Now I had the rope all the way through the channel (see pic 2 and 3 above). I then taped up the rope to the front of the new loom and pulled it through from the front. No surprise here, but it isn't as easy to pull it back up... There's a little hole above the heater vent on the floorboard that assists in this task. Also, Joe Hi-Fi had cut out some small speaker holes in the kick panels as well. I elected not to patch them. Thank goodness because that really helped me with the loom. I had to pull part of the rope out through the small hole above the heater vent so I could pull that big heavy loom along the floor channel. When I got it that far, I began pulling from the top. The path of the loom kind of makes a backwards "S" shape as it goes up and into the trunk area which makes the last bit of pulling the hardest. You kind of have to pull up and towards the rear of the car at the same time. Next time, I will also use some kind of lubricant. I just did it dry, and it probably would've been much easier.

So, getting the loom installed in the channel is probably about 40% of the total job. The rest is figuring out what to connect to what. I stopped after getting the front two headlight looms installed. Right now, there are still a bunch of wires not connected. With no snags, it should only take me a couple more hours to finish up the rest.

The new harness was purchased from Wolfsburg West. It is very good quality, and comes with everything you'll need. The instructions are adequate, but could be much better.

The wiring is all finished, and everything works ...  :)

I've still got to connect the wiper relay, turn signal wires, and radio. Besides that, the wiring is complete. And, I'm fairly confident everything is hooked up correctly. I really took my time, but there is always a chance for error on a job like this. We'll see soon enough. After everything is wired up, I'll connect the battery to make sure the lights work.